No Limits; Positioning yourself to get what you really want – offers 10 powerful principles every individual and entrepreneur needs. Michael Bowen has devoted his life to learning and sharing the top life transformation principles with others.

This is a book that will ignite you and your colleagues, and teams to:

  • Adopt a no limit mindset
  • Understand your triggers
  • Eliminate distraction
  • Don’t chase dreams, be a magnet instead

No Limits is about realigning your mindset with the results you want in life and adding value to you as an individual. Everyone has the right to be a success. Your mindset determines how your energy is spent. If you program your thinking intentionally it will have a powerful impact on realizing your desired outcomes.

The way you think is the basis for everything that you do . The principals in this book are based on thinking processes and creating habits that will keep you or your organization focused on the vision and the things you need to do to make it a reality. The concepts work whether you are looking to make a huge shift in your mindset or if you just need some refinement in your thought processes to reach new levels of achievement.

The concepts in this book have been proven effective in the author’s life. They incorporate the principles of the most effective teachers of personal development. In just a few minutes a day, the reader can incorporate these techniques in to the life and see virtually immediate improvement in their effectiveness and efficiency. These ten short principals will, at the very least, open your eyes to current state of thought in relation to your goals and get your mindset headed on the right track. The reader will soon see that there are No Limits to what is possible for them!